04 April 2012

Scarves Abound!

Happy Wednesday! This is piece number two from the Home Made Market- a gorgeous, thrifted green silk scarf. I love the color.
Speaking of scarves, today's post was inspired by the ingenious draped skirt DIY I pinned a while back. The actual skirt (brown) is a scarf, and the belt (pink) is another one. I suppose I could have done a wrapped top with a third, but that would be over the top. Or would it? Hmmm...

For other DIYs that rocked my socks off, take a peek my Crafty Inclinations Pinboard.

I'm off to climb Mt. Laundrypile now.


Hair clip or pin!
I can't get enough of this mustard-hued crochet collar; I've been pairing it with everything, even a sweatshirt! 

Again, You by Crocs (read about my love affair)! I love these flats; patent and red are such a perfect pair.

Julian did this at me (add screaming) while I was shooting, hence the quick nature of this post. That's one enraged boss. ;) 

shrug + flower pin | Steps
earrings | Dieuwertje Tromp
green scarf | thrifted
brown scarf | H&M
pink scarf | gifted
crocheted collar | asos
shoes | You by Crocs