09 April 2012


one. One can quickly tell my mood by taking a quick glance in my kitchen cupboards. If my plates are tidily stacked in alternating colors, all is good.

two. I am way too infatuated with Pinterest. I'd be lying if I said that my two most repinned pins didn't feel like an Olympic gold and silver, respectively.

three. I love toast and raspberry jam and Nutella; it's my guilty pleasure breakfast, next to a cup of coffee with cinnamon, honey, and cream.

four. What I appreciate most about the Dutch is their seemingly universal fondness for flowers. It makes for a marvelously charming city.

five. I could sit and stare at architectural patterns for hours, which is why I snap so many photos in said category; I can do my intent gazing from home, where people won't question my state of mind.

Outfit tomorrow. In the meantime, don't overdose on leftover Peeps, and take a peep (pun most definitely intended) at a most dreamy Easter recap from the lovely Katie Stratton.


p.s. Tea and Tulips has some really nice things in stock now... I just treated myself to three fine frocks and a top. Following Steffy's blog pays; I got 45% off. !

p.p.s. There's a really great giveaway over on Sandy a la mode; hurry and enter!