02 April 2012

The Hague Goes Handcrafted

On Sunday, the three (two and a sixth, weight-wise) of us cycled over to the Home Made Market on Prins Hendrikstraat. It was a celebration of small-scale production and thrifted goods, and a celebration it was, indeed! Each booth was bursting with such color and creativity.

Oh, my. I could have spent my and my neighbors' savings, but we took €50 and stretched it as far as possible. By European standards, we did very well. It paid for two items for each of us and lunch from local vendors serving freshly made dishes.

These are Tony's two finds (mine will be in an outfit post in the next couple days!):
1. A really fantastic belt with hinges and nice tooling
2. A super-cool, vintage knit tie...
...made in Western Germany (between 1974 and 1989)

Here are some scenes from the market... prepare to be delighted!

The cutest little wall hangings, from Hipaholic!

Stunning pillows... with creature prints!

That scarf... and hair- beautiful!
This coat was so vibrant!

A sweet moment

Colors and slingers

The laughing tattoo.

Trying to guess what I bought? Hint: Think vintage silk scarf. Think verde.

This vendor had the most beautifully colorful children's goods, and a skirt I, unfortunately, had to leave without.

My favorite thing from this booth was the colored lace jewelry- a new take on tradition!

This mom and daughter were so content, snuggling and swinging around and around together. ♥

I'm kicking myself for not spending 27 more minutes at the fair!

Brightly lacquered ukeleles

De Espresso Bus!
The first part of my lunch- a savory goat's cheese, aubergine, and egg tart. Yum x infinity. 

Although every slice on this table looked too scrumptious for words...

...only one was The One. This raspberry, beet, and mango tart was unbelievable. (And the heart on top is a slice of beet!)
This jacket was so amazing - a really great thrifted find!
Pretty pastels
Wild feet!
My other purchase came from this lovely seller, Dieuwertje Tromp of Amsterdam- such fantastic, unique pieces!

Quirky shirt...
...& Quirky the cafe!

Blues- an unexpected treat for the ears!