25 July 2012

A Case of the Baltics, v1.2

If you missed the first installment of Baltic fun, check it out here, if you like to keep things chronological. The following fun will be put into clearer context.

I was planning on only having two posts for the entire trip, but it just wasn't possible. Each of these places is worthy of its own incense-saturated, Bedazzled altar. So, friends, I take you with me on part two of three of our adventures, in hopes that you, too, are inspired to take a turn unexpected and go for the destination less visited.


20 July 2012

Homesteading, Part III: Nightfall

The final piece to the Leyden trifecta (click for installments I and II if you haven't already), this pre-dusk piece took us farther up the path into the ruins and right up to where night and day meet.

19 July 2012

Homesteading, Part II: Light

Photo credit: LaRaine Mireles

I love Colorado, in the way that the archetypal unfaithful guy in the movies loves the wife he left for the woman he now lives with. Europe has become my metaphorical mistress, but I still ache for this grand state- the wildness that perseveres despite developers' attempts to domesticate it, the permanence of the darkened mountains pressed against the horizon, the way the sky goes on and on. 

18 July 2012

Homesteading, Part I: Darkness

Enter LaRaine, who is more of a hermana de sangre to me than a friend and master of all things, but specifically, these:

1. stylistically looking ready to lodge a wooden stake between a vampire's ribs while maintaining the harmlessness of a baby bunny
2. posing, but not posing
3. attentively listening to and empathetically responding to my neurotic ramblings
4. providing incredibly good company in the car

17 July 2012

Marriage, and Multiplication

The day after we arrived in Colorado, we watched two of our dearest friends marry. The wedding was perfect, set in a barn with a backdrop of a summer storm sweeping over blue mountains and grazing bison. It couldn't have gotten any more dazzling.

Baby Bee

Yesterday I had the terrific honor of photographing my faux nephew, son of one of my very closest friends. He's a doll.

05 July 2012

Coral in Motion

I bought this dress for one specific setting in mind: canal-side picnicking under a Dutch summer sky, all whilst paying homage to classic Americana style. Done. 

04 July 2012

Zomer in de stad

Hoera! I have an interview in The Underground, conducted by the talented and charming Marianne of The Things We Didn't Buy. Click through below (page 10) for what I'll be up to this summer!

Here's to catching rays, dropping trou at the beach, and new frocks (hint: part II of our Great Baltic Adventure involves a wardrobe upgrade).