29 May 2012

Untimely but delectable Sunday Snippets, and MXP-->AMS

lake como
With seven more weeks of travel left this summer, I have to come up with a better plan; between the glorious sunshine, fresh caprese salads, crusty bread dipped in pungent olive oil, majestic villas perched upon the gleaming lake, nighttime exploring, and built-in/happy-to-oblige babysitters (grandparents), my blog-after-or-before-the-baby-wakes-up strategy was mercilessly dashed within the first 24 hours of arriving in Bellagio.

16 May 2012

Afternoon ambling

As I warned you, I'm singing to you again how much I love this time of year, for the sunshine, for the produce, for the general population's springier step. But I'll show you in images so you can't tell me to shut up.

14 May 2012


Yesterday was all mine. Tony made me an impressive (and perfectly late) breakfast, took Julian to Amsterdam with our visiting friends, and shipped me off for a facial, massage, and sauna at a spa in town. Oh, it's claimed that Julian crafted the pictured art, although that fact's still being verified.

13 May 2012

Strong like ox, or something resembling maternal musings

mothers day
I was afraid to become a parent. I was to let myself physically change, to give myself unconditionally to someone else for the rest of my life, that I would lose my sense of self in between diaper changes and sleeplessness. What actually happened in my child's first year of life, though, was quite extraordinary. I found a version of myself I wasn't aware existed- one more vigorous, patient, and intrepid than the one I'd known for 26 years. I realized that I was meant to mother.

Sunday snippets: the week, in retrospect


12 May 2012


moving overseas
One year ago, I partook in the most hectic day I've ever had. And, yes, even when compared to the day I had a child. I regret often that I didn't take ANY photos of it and the days immediately before, but I was in survival (read=OH, SHIT) mode. So instead, you get my primary school-quality drawing, which was exactly how the move felt: us leaving everything we knew for a tiny country with tulips, via a giant chaotic life blender. The madness began on Tuesday, May 10, when one of my dearest friends, Sara, arrived at my door.

10 May 2012

Someone wants to grab your button

I've been teaching myself bits and pieces so I can get this blog looking better without paying someone else  to do it, mostly because of the cost but also because I'm a huge nerd at heart and would love to know how to create a gigantic self-aware talking calculator watch.

09 May 2012

Bon Appe-quiche!

On Sunday a friend came up from Den Bosch for brunch; we hadn't seen her since fall, and it was so nice to catch up on goings-on big and small.

08 May 2012

Lady in black

Hi, meet my first jumpsuit. It's ridiculously comfortable, I never have to worry about spare crack hanging out while tying a shoe, and it is infinitely adaptable.

05 May 2012

Getting legit (and a delicious discount!)

I've found myself scribbling contact info on napkins, hands, and other random objects several times in the past week alone, so when Tiny Prints sent me a $20 coupon, I ordered a basically-free batch of networking cards that, I think, really reflect my style. Thoughts?

04 May 2012

Not your average oatmeal cookie

oatmeal raisin cookie
I love taking an old favorite and messing with it a bit (read=a lot). Today's target: the oatmeal raisin cookie.

03 May 2012

Springtime strolling

As someone who takes at least four or five obligatory walks per day (dog-walking + grocery-retrieving, all with zee bébé in tow), I am so incredibly grateful for the change in season.

This past winter, I think I forgot that I don't always go outdoors grudgingly; now I'm finding every reason to go out and, well, sniff the flowers.

02 May 2012

Koninginnedag 2012, or talking to the animals

den haag city farm
Well, it was Queen's Day on Monday, and I had big plans of partaking in the festivities. I dressed in the only orange-ish thing I own, put the kid in a pumpkin-colored t-shirt, and looked at the program. My celebratory spirit dampened a bit. Being in a crowd or on a busy guided tour sounded daunting after just getting off a plane. Instead, the three of us cycled to one of the city farms in town. It was officially closed, but the animals were still there and perfectly happy to be patted and sweet-talked.

01 May 2012

Finnish adornments

May started thunderously and coldly and wetly in Den Haag, which rightly put me in a sweatshirt-and-leggings-and-tea kind of mood. So, that it shall be. Sometimes it's nice to be given a reason to curl up with a blanket and slow down a bit.

And as I promised yesterday, here's a look at my Tampere purchases.