01 May 2012

Finnish adornments

May started thunderously and coldly and wetly in Den Haag, which rightly put me in a sweatshirt-and-leggings-and-tea kind of mood. So, that it shall be. Sometimes it's nice to be given a reason to curl up with a blanket and slow down a bit.

And as I promised yesterday, here's a look at my Tampere purchases.

from PikkuPutiikit:
  • six glazed ceramic heart ornaments/gift toppers and six gift tags, by Punainen Ruukku:
  • This foxy scarf and pot holder, by JuliART:

...And, because I can't stop staring at these gorgeous things, here's a closer look at Julia Prusi's postcards from Tallipihan Kahvila Café:

Hats off to a dry and ducky Tuesday... näkemiin!!