29 May 2012

Untimely but delectable Sunday Snippets, and MXP-->AMS

lake como
With seven more weeks of travel left this summer, I have to come up with a better plan; between the glorious sunshine, fresh caprese salads, crusty bread dipped in pungent olive oil, majestic villas perched upon the gleaming lake, nighttime exploring, and built-in/happy-to-oblige babysitters (grandparents), my blog-after-or-before-the-baby-wakes-up strategy was mercilessly dashed within the first 24 hours of arriving in Bellagio.

That said, my guilt over abandoning the blog for nine days is much less than what it would have been had I traded said real-life joys for locking myself in a room with my computer.

While I put myself back together, organize my photos, and cope with both the laundry situation and drastic culinary transition of Italy to Holland, take a peek at my week.

hip parenting
graffiti animals
lake como