03 May 2012

Springtime strolling

As someone who takes at least four or five obligatory walks per day (dog-walking + grocery-retrieving, all with zee bébé in tow), I am so incredibly grateful for the change in season.

This past winter, I think I forgot that I don't always go outdoors grudgingly; now I'm finding every reason to go out and, well, sniff the flowers.
So, please bear with me if I tell you a gazillion times howexcitedIam and if my photos start melting into one blooming, sunshiny puddle of homogeneity. 
I vow not to complain to you on a regular basis or inundate you with baby videos. But after spending too many months largely in darkness, I just can't promise not to tell you over and over that I am overjoyed by the fact that I can still see a hint of daylight after 10PM. 

Happy spring!!