08 May 2012

Lady in black

Hi, meet my first jumpsuit. It's ridiculously comfortable, I never have to worry about spare crack hanging out while tying a shoe, and it is infinitely adaptable.

Today (wearing this, of course), I met up with fellow style blogger Marianne of the The Things We Didn't Buy, who reached out a couple weeks ago suggesting we connect. In addition to having an incredibly beautiful mane of hair and running a charming blog, she's also wildly good company. I was so enthralled with our chat that I didn't take any photos... so go on over to her blog for a proper introduction.
things we discovered:
1. We both have an addict-grade need for ice cream.
2. We both drool over Katie Stratton's blog and pristine images.
3. My prolific use of profanity and Marianne's tasteful way of speaking got along just fine.
4. I can put my camera to work on manual, and she knows how to do fancy design things; we agreed to swap services and teach each other some new tricks.
forecast: Needless to say, we'll be seeing each other again before she leaves in a couple months on a new leg of her adventure.

Here's to new compadres and one-piece outfits!


p.s. The blog's been up for two months... and it's at 5,808 page views. Thank you!!
jumpsuit | urban outfitters
scarf (as belt) | h&m
shoes | asos
sunnies | target