02 May 2012

Koninginnedag 2012, or talking to the animals

den haag city farm
Well, it was Queen's Day on Monday, and I had big plans of partaking in the festivities. I dressed in the only orange-ish thing I own, put the kid in a pumpkin-colored t-shirt, and looked at the program. My celebratory spirit dampened a bit. Being in a crowd or on a busy guided tour sounded daunting after just getting off a plane. Instead, the three of us cycled to one of the city farms in town. It was officially closed, but the animals were still there and perfectly happy to be patted and sweet-talked.

A darling black lamb BAAA-ed good-naturedly right in Julian's face; his bottom lip poked out, and he let out a giant, terrified wail. It was hilarious and a little sad (but mostly hilarious). Then they made up and decided on a through-the-fence symbiotic relationship; Julian got to dig his grubby little fingers into some soft wool, and the lammy got a back scratch.

Happy Wednesday!

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