21 February 2013

A Game of Catch(up): The Last Three Months, in Retrospect

Although recent history says I failed through and through at taking my lens cap off every day for the normally weekly Sunday Snippets posts, my camera wasn't entirely idle. Here's a peep at some of the sights that've been following me around for the past three months...


20 February 2013

B.T.Y.M. (Better Than Your Momma's) Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know I've said it before, but this time I mean it, dammit. Like, really, really mean it. I've found the holy grail of chocolate chip cookie recipes, the result of which dances through the dreams of the vast majority of Americans but remains at bay. This is the cookie I never thought existed. It does, in all its buttery, chewy, tender glory. And after about a hundred taste-testers' approval, I've got a solid case.

19 February 2013

Close to Home

I love going through photos and rediscovering beautiful days I forgot I'd remembered to capture. At the time the scenes are nothing but ordinary, but in retrospect I realize how important it is to record them; they're often more poignant than the big ones circled in red on the calendar.

18 February 2013

There Will Be Blood (Orange Tea Cookies)

In the final days lying (heavily, uncomfortably, and whiningly) in wait for Miss Frankie June, I busied myself making and freezing food until my sadly diminutive freezer drawers creaked under the burden of my neuroses, which manifested themselves in the form of lasagne Caprese, herbed mac & cheese, vegetarian pot pies, blueberry muffins, espresso chocolate muffins, and a double batch of blood orange tea cookies. The last item on the list is what I point to now and shout "THIS WAY, THIS WAY!"

17 February 2013

De Liefste Pakketje // The Sweetest Little Package

One week, one day, three hours and fifty one minutes ago a very loud, impressively sized but yet impossibly tiny girl burst into this world.

I joyously present to you Frankie June Milkus, born the ninth of February, 2013, at 12:50PM, weighing in at 4.12kg/9.1lbs.

Completely smitten,