31 August 2013

Quickies, Through Time and Space: Berlin

Following my recent turn towards a more mobile lifestyle, here are some quickly-snagged moments from our brief exploration of Berlin. If my more in-focus look at this splendidly quirky city wasn't enough to make you go airfare-hunting, I hope these do. Everyone, look BERLIN-WARD! 

Go. You'll love it. Pinky swear. 


22 August 2013

Quickies, Through Time and Space: Bazouges-sur-le-Loir

feet, ball, can
Right up until the very moment I lifted my iPhone out of its slim little package, I was anti-smartphone. Completely. Once, in 2009, I bought a Blackberry and returned it the same day; the constant access to the Interwebs was too much for me to handle. I liked being unavailable sometimes. I liked that online was a place I could get to from a computer, and nowhere else.

21 August 2013

Pithy Bytes: Everyday Clips From an Happily Ordinary Life, Zomer Edition

I won't go as far as saying Happy Wednesday, but I am finding my mood lifting considerably with each cup of coffee. A couple more, and I should be able to open both eyes fully. Yes, it's 2:17PM.

If the middle of your week is looking anything like mine, you'll welcome a dark little place where only your ears have to work. So close those peepers and take a listen to what my summer's sounded like (an admittedly grammatically incorrect but affectionate nod to my fellow radio nerds)...


16 August 2013

The (Berl)in Crowd

I know it looks like we've been traveling a lot, but, really, we took two trips in six months. I'm just starting with them to lure you back. My birthday/Mother's Day combo pressie from the mister was a four-night excursion to Berlin, with (drumroll)... built-in babysitting. We just got back on Monday, and I'm still feeling all grungy, in the best way. Berliners have heel leuk style - undercuts and leather jackets abound.

15 August 2013

Reappearing Act + France, You Hurt So Good.

Hey, happy people. Remember me?

Hmmm. (Insert that awkward silence where no one responds.) 

Although I don't blame you for abandoning this ain't sailin' ship, I passionately bid you to COME BACK, COME BACK! We have much silence to make up for. I miss our chats.