22 August 2013

Quickies, Through Time and Space: Bazouges-sur-le-Loir

feet, ball, can
Right up until the very moment I lifted my iPhone out of its slim little package, I was anti-smartphone. Completely. Once, in 2009, I bought a Blackberry and returned it the same day; the constant access to the Interwebs was too much for me to handle. I liked being unavailable sometimes. I liked that online was a place I could get to from a computer, and nowhere else.

Three years later, my opinion hadn't changed. But I found myself trying to navigate foreign cities without a car, and now a very dependent little dependent. The appeal of having instant access to maps and public transit routing info overtook my disdain for ceaseless connection. So, like a million years behind everyone else, I gave in. And, just like everyone else, fell in love.

The pretty decent camera is a plus. There are times for a proper photo with a proper camera, and there are times when a quickie will do.

Here's a brief gallop in the fast lane, fancy folks...

Château de la Barbee, Bazouges-sur-le-Loir
La Fleche