15 August 2013

Reappearing Act + France, You Hurt So Good.

Hey, happy people. Remember me?

Hmmm. (Insert that awkward silence where no one responds.) 

Although I don't blame you for abandoning this ain't sailin' ship, I passionately bid you to COME BACK, COME BACK! We have much silence to make up for. I miss our chats.

The last four months (four months... eek!) have been so sweet. Frankie has gone from wee to in constant motion, Julian is a bright explosion of light and limitless energy, and sleep is scarce. Thus, I made a subconscious decision to go into Essential-Operations-Only mode. Extremely limited socializing (sorry, NL vrienden), infrequent travel, and complete and disgraceful neglect of my far-away friends and family (sorry x a billion googolplexian). Reliable sleep still is MIA, but I'm ready for a comeback of sorts.


I'll begin a meandering game of catch-up in the coming days, in no particular order, starting with our week with Tony's mom and stepdad in France at the Château de Barbée farmhouse. The place was gorgeous, and as it reliably goes with me and France, I sulked a while on the drive home. I just hate leaving the old girl behind. The week was exactly what I needed - fresh air, sunshine, quiet, fresh mussels cooked at home, forests, fields. And, as an added bonus, a donkey named Hector who we were all quite enamored with. And an abandoned tennis court. With a bistro table. It was like someone made the place with me in mind.

Here's to reacquainting...


*All photos were taken by me, except the first one. c/o Suzanne Milkus, my superterrific mother-in-law