16 August 2013

The (Berl)in Crowd

I know it looks like we've been traveling a lot, but, really, we took two trips in six months. I'm just starting with them to lure you back. My birthday/Mother's Day combo pressie from the mister was a four-night excursion to Berlin, with (drumroll)... built-in babysitting. We just got back on Monday, and I'm still feeling all grungy, in the best way. Berliners have heel leuk style - undercuts and leather jackets abound.

I could have been in the middle of Nebraska and still felt giddily fortunate to have some childless hours, so imagine my glee at the chance to explore the city freely. No buggy. No gazing longingly through shop or small cafe windows, then passing on by, for fear of a meltdown. Everything, for the first time in a long time, was at the pace of our choosing. And given that it was our trusty babysitter who now lives near (soon-to-be-IN) Berlin and not a stranger, I could leave my Valium at home. I originally said diamonds, but what I really meant to tell Jasmin is that she's worth her weight in antimatter. It was so, so nice to get a dose of adult life, but still be home at night to lay kisses atop two sweet little heads.

We stayed in a supercool loft, toured around East Berlin in a caravan of Trabants, bore witness to the infamous Mauerpark Flea Market karaoke, shopped boutiques and secondhand shops, ate terrifically, rented bikes, walked the length of the East Side Gallery, and lazed on the grass in an airport-turned-park, deciding to save the museums for next time. 

But talk is cheap... enjoy the view. 


p.s. Frankie turned SIX months on our second day in Berlin. SIX! Good thing she's too little to care that we celebrated by leaving her with a babysitter for nine hours...