17 April 2013

News, and Scenes From an Otherwise Quiet Weekend

In Expat Land, when someone commences a conversation with "I have news!" it's either a. pregnancy or b. relocation. Thank Jesus I don't have the former to announce to you.

Now calm the eff down.

U.S. friends, we're not moving back quite yet. And Den Haag friends, it's only to Amsterdam. We've had friends jet off to Canada and Qatar and the likes in the past year, so to hear any whining from you I want not.

After a couple days spent in pajamas, shrugging off our post-party (sugar and socializing) hangovers and tinkering with Julian's new playthings, we went to Amsterdam to explore the (what was then our potentially) new neighborhood a bit and seriously imagine living there. It's a short walk from Vondelpark, which brims with quirky scenes and is laced with winding canals. The move shaves off almost half of Tony's commute, which means more time together. It means fresh surroundings, but I'll still be close enough to Den Haag for me to still connect with the people who have been my surrogate family for the past two years.

And, lastly, to my three only (and funnily, non-parent) friends in Amsterdam, I will soon be descending upon you and your free time with two kids, three dogs, and a whole lotta chaos. Prepare yourself. When you visit, don't wear black (bad news for brown dog hair), leave the earrings at home (unless you want to have them ripped out via the path of least resistance), and leave time for a nap before you come. And afterwards.