06 April 2013

Little People, Magnificent Muses

There are a lot of tough moments in parenting a toddler. Screamingly tough, disgustingly tough, aggressively-bordering-on-violently tough, crazy-makingly tough moments. But in between them, I've found delight. My threshold for patience has been slowly stretched outwards, in the daily triage of deciding which wars I'm willing to fight (hitting/biting/pinching/pushing/book-ripping), and which are less consequential than a tantrum and best left to outgrow (most messes, toy-throwing, coffee table-ascending, food spitting). And in the quest to overcome impatience, I've gotten sillier. I've re-learned the definition of play

Parenting often morphs already creative people into an almost perpetual state of inspired merriment, which is distinctly evident in their output. In my perpetual blog scanning and obsessive pinning, I've recently come across a handful of superlative designs that stand out from the rest and might make you reconsider stepping into a big-box store before the next birthday party.

Frolic on, happy people!

Mischievously yours,

//not your average dolly//
bandit dolls
Bandit Dolls by Emily Winfield Martin of The Black Apple

//magnificent digs//
treehouse bed by kids' rooms
Treehouse Bed by Kids' Rooms

cardboard play houses
DIY Cardboard Play Houses from A Beautiful Mess

the black apple
Original artwork by Emily Winfield Martin of The Black Apple

creature coats
Wearable masterpieces by Molly of Little Goodall