13 April 2013

Pithy Bytes: Everyday Clips From an Happily Ordinary Life

I believe in the value of documentation; it's so easy to savor small moments as they unfold but equally easy to leave them behind afterwards. Sometimes, a photo is in order. Others, a video is better suited to the situation. But I kept stumbling across smaller moments in my days that warranted chronicling, ones not suited for film of any kind but that I still wanted to put in my pocket and share later. So, I began recording audio, not certain how or if I would use it.

Then, in the past week, I found myself pressing the record button more often. My ears were suddenly picking up sounds I would normally brush past. The elderly neighbors' grandchildren playing the piano pushed against our shared wall. Both kids protesting in unison at leaving the house. A blackbird's trill echoing on a quiet street. Frankie's happy noises.

These, added to a clip of the insanity that unfolds in cities across Holland on New Year's Eve, and our radiators running out of water (read=making comically horrific noises) in the middle of the night, sparked an idea to occasionally share in sound clips twenty seconds or shorter, a sort of Twitter for your ears.

My first post without photos... kind of scary. What do you think- yay or nay?

Three cheers to being good listeners, and to succinctness.