10 May 2012

Someone wants to grab your button

I've been teaching myself bits and pieces so I can get this blog looking better without paying someone else  to do it, mostly because of the cost but also because I'm a huge nerd at heart and would love to know how to create a gigantic self-aware talking calculator watch.

My last lesson was in creating a blog button with a grab box, so other bloggers could put my face on their sidebar. I have a blogroll (list of blogs I read) on my sidebar with just text, but my next project will be to replace the boring list with buttons those bloggers have made.

After skimming a dozen or so tutorials, I chose to follow this one from Somewhat Simple because it was, well, somewhat simple and clearly composed. After playing around in Photoshop to get a logo (inspired thematically by my new networking cards from Tiny Prints), I had no problem with it; if I can do it, it's almost guaranteed that you'll be a-ok. Here's what I came up with:
Aesthetic Fauna

Easy peasy!

p.s. While I was at it, I also put together an email signature, using a more detailed feather-drawing tutorial for the graphic (fun!):