18 April 2012

Starting line

In in the midst of a joyously busy week that includes a baby shower, two first birthday parties, and a cycle around the tulip fields. Yikes! I feel like I woke up Monday morning to a starting gun, and I'm still running, running, running.

I just got some new shoes, and a few other things... I was especially excited about the shoes (remember, I have a conundrum). But this cropped tee is great, too- it's gauzy, and the scallop detail on the neckline is so sweet.

On a separate note, I am so excited for Prometheus to come out; Michael Fassbender will have no qualms about systematically and sterilely consuming your soul.

I hope this finds you in the middle of a fine and dandy week!


blouse, skirt, shoes, earrings | asos
tights, belt | H&M
shrug | Steps
hair bow | Sproos