03 April 2012

Monochrome and Rouge

Vijf things on this Dinsdag

one: Tonight, Tony came home and said he wanted us to take sewing lessons together. I have the best guy on the planet. Upon hearing him that statement, I'm sure my doe-eyed adoration looked something like this: 

two: I love this outfit for many reasons, but a big one is that it gives me another reason to don red lipstick. I've shied away from crimson lips for the past year, since lipstick stains on chubby little cheeks definitely = One Big Mess. Maybe you remember the tights?

three: The earrings were a find from Dieuwertje Tromp at the Home Made Market... I fell madly in love at first sight. An ox and cart working steadfastly on either side of my head? Yes, please. See exhibit A:

fourAnd a cheetah-print bow atop my head? Yep, that, too. Thanks to Elizabeth and Melissa for a splendid giveaway! I love this thing. I've big plans for it as a bow tie, as well. See Exhibit B:
Five: Vote for me in the Mad About My ModCloth contest on fb, in today's outfit, of course!

Skate Key Skirt, Lace Lovely Shorts in Black, Corner Coffee Shop Cardigan, Aromatic Adornment Belt, + Published Author Heel | ModCloth
Blouse + tights | H&M
Cheetah's Roar Bow Clip | Sproos, via a giveaway
Earrings | Dieuwertje Tromp