07 March 2012

That which glitters may just be a spray-painted sweater.

I've always been drawn to people with an interesting aesthetic. I just thought I could never be one of those people, for one reason or another. My excuses were extensive and could not be argued with. My face is too [insert adjective] for that haircut, my body is too out of proportion to rock a [insert article of clothing].  Moving to Europe was revelatory. 

Before living in Holland, I'd never lived in a big enough city to see fashion in motion; my only guide was the ultra-thin model in advertisements, on the runway, and on TV. Here, women of all proportions dress themselves well; it's clear that they feel good about leaving the house. 

Then I started reading fashion blogs, which opened my eyes further. These are real women, experimenting with style and succeeding. Some write posts while their kids are napping. All are on a budget. They bake muffins. And eat them. None of them wear a size 0. They prove that one doesn't have to live in New York or Milan to have exquisite style. Their musings are entertaining and inspiring; they make me want to be better to myself and to others. I realized that my problem wasn't physical; it was my lack of confidence. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their body and clothing. If that means heels and a bubble hem dress, fine. If that means sweatpants and a hoodie, that's peachy, too. 

So with this maiden post, I humbly encourage you, dearest reader, to explore your style. On this elusive journey to finding the best version of ourselves, I wish us all a cheery bon voyage. 


Sweater and tights: H&M
Shorts: asos
Shoes: pink