10 March 2012

Snip snip

I have a habit of cutting my hair often. My husband jokes that there's a Yeti in the house, because our very white porcelain bathroom sink is permanently covered in a fine dusting of hair clippings. It started when I first cut myself some bangs, about two years ago. I am perpetually displeased with them. Some pieces that should up fall down, there's always a stray long hair, etc. It's especially bad when I get a professional haircut. They never seem to get it exactly right. So, here I was, a week after a grossly expensive visit to the salon, preparing my very sharp little scissors for battle. 
After an industrious and early morning spent clipping and scowling and brushing and re-clipping, I modified my side-swept forelock for a blunt, straight look. I think I might be putting the scissors away for awhile. Maybe.

Thick, straight bangs were one of the things I talked myself out of a long time ago; I was sure I couldn't wear them successfully. Today's word of advice: try it. You never if it works or not until you put that crazy dress on, dye your hair red, wear heels with ankle socks. Forget the articles that tell you what looks good with your body type and face shape; the articles are probably right, but our perceptions of ourselves are often so far from the truth. Just try it. 

I've been wanting a peter pan dress for ages, and it finally arrived in my mailbox from Romwe a few days ago.  I was a bit nervous at the "One size fits all" label, but it's lovely and so comfortable. The fabric is high quality and heavy enough to hang nicely. My mom is tickled that big collars are coming back; she said they were in style when she was in high school. 

I have gotten so many compliments on the tights. They are so classically pretty and let one try the garter look without investing in a pair and dealing with the hassle. The similar ones they carry now are out of stock, and I just discovered a small run in the foot. Bad news. They've held up well, considering I've worn them about 5 times and have a wayyy bad track record with anything but thick leggings.
And the shoes. Oh, those shoes. I eyed them up for a year before splurging on myself for Christmas.  Poetic License is, by far, my favorite shoe brand. They're quirky and gorgeous and easy on the insole. You know how people talk about their spirit animal? These are my spirit shoes, through and through. 

A happy day to you fine folks!


dress | Romwe

tights | Urban Outfitters

shoes | ModCloth