13 March 2012

Fly Away

This getup is light and airy, and the colors are candy-sweet; I wanted to capture it in motion outdoors, but Julian had his vaccinations this morning and spent most of the day in bed, poor little fellow. So, I was relegated to again shooting against our gorgeous second (first for you Europeans) floor master bedroom window. 

I like to wear clothing that is functional, and by "like to," I mean "have to". It must not tear in the surprisingly vigorous grip of an eleven-month old, I have to be able to throw it in the washer despite any instructions to hand wash, and I need to have complete range of motion. 

You know what I'm talking about regarding the last bit; everyone has that one coat, blazer, or vest that restricts your shoulders in that terrible, confining way. I do, and it's buried in a box in a storage unit. That kind of design was made for sitting at a desk and typing and having someone else itch your head and adjust your glasses. 

My day, luckily, requires exponentially more movement. Everything in this outfit stretches and flows; even the leggings are soft but still a bit thick and can withstand some abuse. I loved that for part of the day, it was nice enough to wear this out with an open coat.
Here's to spring, and to significantly less layers!

top (birds), tights, + socks | H&M
shrug | Steps
necklace + shoes | ModCloth
shorts + belt | asos