08 March 2012

Brugge in the winter

I just returned from three days in Brugge, Belgium with my 10-month old baby, my friend, and her 11-month old baby. 

We laughed ourselves silly at our errs, ate copious amounts of sweet things, met some really interesting characters, and walked and walked until our babies were quiet and our eyes were full to the brim of beautiful buildings, colorblocked pastel walls, and serene, ivy-coated side streets. (The hues of the city were so stylistically inspiring; I thought so many times that the shades on a wall would be equally great on a person.) 

For being less than three hours away from Den Haag, it's a sweet little city bursting with surprising little pops of color. I definitely recommend going in the winter; we had to wear coats but missed the notoriously overwhelming crowds of tourists. It was more than a fair trade-off. 

Cool Blues

Mailbox Full

Buttercream and navy

The Chocolate Line, shop of my dreams! 

Sea Foam and Angles at the Lace Museum

Holy Azure at the Jerusalem Church

Ivy and Azure

A love-ly little garden shed door :)

Still life of hibernating flowers

Twin diligences

Singing man at the market

Flower power


Hello, Butcher.
Nice to meat you.

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