31 March 2012

Ballet Flats and a Brass Bicycle

I haven't shopped at Banana Republic in years, but this skirt I love. When I come down a flight of stairs, it splays out like something out of Marilyn Monroe's wardrobe. And it has pockets. I have a major thing for dresses and skirts with pockets.

The shoes. Yes, they're Crocs. No one pays attention to the You by Crocs line besides employees, which is a shame. They are absolutely splendid. Forget rainbow-colored, squeaky gardening clogs. Think classy heels, tall boots. Think patent flats. Unfortunately, they're discontinuing the line in the fall. I'm already planning a private funeral and a grieving period. I have collected about 25 pairs, I think. Some are worn past wearing, and now I'm wishing I would have bought two of each.I made a ridiculously good batch of cookies yesterday for some friends. Recipe post tomorrow.


bodysuit, belt, + necklace | ModCloth
tights + cardigan | Urban Outfitters
shoes | Crocs
socks | H&M