15 March 2012

You had me at sunshine.

Three things on this Thursday:

1. Spring has absolutely, positively, officially arrived!  Glorious weather brings out the best in everyone, except for maybe angler fish, which live deep, deep in the ocean. I don't think they know what the sun is, grumpy little things. I returned to the beach again, to an entirely different scene. Yesterday, everyone was packed into cafes, snuggled up next to fireplaces. Today, dogs bounded into roiling waves, kids darted between couples holding hands, and bicyclists pedaled just a bit slower. 

2. The pin is a gift from my dear friend and advisor on all things, Lisa. It is a simple reminder of who I am, and of the community of poets I belong to back home, and worldwide.  ♥

3. My cake plate is empty. My oven is on. Check back tomorrow, as the situation will be deliciously different!


dress | ModCloth
boots | Crocs
belt + knee-highs | H&M