14 March 2012

Get a little closer.

Today's sunny forecast was a flop, but I met a friend for lunch at the beach anyway, at a cafe. Julian fussed the entire time, and her kiddo peed on the floor a little (day nine of potty training). At the time, I was completely bewildered at the opinionated little creature my baby is becoming and trying to converse while trying to keep objects from going onto the floor, inedible ones out of his mouth, herd edible objects into it, and keep the wailing to a minimum. I can only imagine how my friend was feeling. Now that I look back, it was riotous. 

Instead of choosing a quicker way home, I walked. Julian slept the entire way, and I got out my camera to document the little details I'd normally breeze right by if I were on the tram or bike. 

Tot ziens!