11 March 2012

Home, undefined

Home is an ambiguous concept these days; I'm living in a foreign country in a house filled with things that are someone else's. We brought with us our three dogs, our four-week old baby, and suitcases filled with minimal clothing. 

I'd spent the last eight years in Colorado but am originally from Wisconsin, so it was just starting to feel like "home" no longer meant the cold state but the mountainous one when we moved again, this time by plane instead of U-Haul, and over an ocean instead across the city.
So, here we are in Holland, with its neatly arranged gardens, tidy architecture, screaming gulls, and bikes, bikes, bikes. After ten months of nesting and exploring and much trial and error, I now look forward to coming home to Holland after traveling.

Recently, a friend commented how lucky I was to live in such a beautiful place. It's so easy to become accustomed to our surroundings and forget about the wondrous backdrop of our daily life. I think that's why I started this blog, to record the world as it is right now in a meaningful way, for our family to cherish as we age and grow together.
North Holland charm
View from a canal, Amsterdam
Amsterdam in May

I dare us all to turn around every now and then and take note of what we've been too busy or tired or distracted to notice- that magnificent house on the corner, the old man feeding the pigeons every morning, how divinely the mountains bisect the view from your office, the way the light hits the trees on your commute.This post is a brief tour of where we call home, and an appreciative nod to the Dutch aesthetic.

Canal, Amsterdam
Scheveningen, The Hague
Baaaaasking in the sun, somewhere near Alkmaar
A Sunday drive in the country, North Holland

Dusk, Amsterdam
A cycling scene, Amsterdam
Neatly arranged pigeons, The Hague
Autumn Rembrant-ish sky, Rotterdam
One of the few old neighborhoods left, Rotterdam
Ice skating, with love, Buitenhof, The Hague
Static symmetry, The Hague
Full speed ahead, The Hague
Poetry at Binnenhof, The Hague
Red riding, The Hague
Pigeon does Buitenhof, thawed, The Hague
Patterns, The Hague
Afternoon stroll, The Hague