05 April 2012


The past year has been one of firsts. Culinarily, I've successfully risen a souffl√©, poached a pear, mastered the vinaigrette, latticed a pie, and made a Thanksgiving feast for a table full of people from all over the world who had never experienced the holiday. I made my first move to a new country, said please in Dutch for the first time, had my first baby, started my first blog, was given my first legitimate camera, and am living, for the first time, car-free. 

When a handful of pals asked me if I'd be interested in taking photos of their families, I initially heckled them out of the room before asking myself, "Why not?" I had no good answer, so I did a test-shoot at a friend's home with her husband and year-old son. They were easy to photography; their household is brimming with spirited humor and love.

Here's a peek.

p.s. I am smitten with the blog Smile and Wave, particularly today's post. Check out Rachel's fabulous aesthetic and perspective RIGHT NOW. And have a great Thursday. ♥