08 April 2012

Bunny Day

Yesterday we celebrated Julian's first birthday, since Tony is a busy worker bee and can't make it to his party on Wednesday. Our plan was to take him to one of the twelve (twelve!) "city farms" (read= pretty, landscaped petting zoos) in town, then let him jet around in the grass and sunshine and get all mucky before digging into something sweet.


What really happened is that we woke up to a rainy and bone-chilling morning and decided to take him swimming. Until I realized my swimsuit was not in its designated drawer, or anywhere else. I think I left it in Bruges.

Once I was done fretting about the swimsuit debacle, we celebrated. And by "celebrated," I mean ate lunch Surinamese restaurant (zo lekker!) then came home and took naps. All of us. No cake, no candles. Naps, then I sewed a button on a shirt. Tony put Julian cross-legged on an aluminum serving platter and scooted him around for a bit on the floor, which resulted in gasping-quality baby giggling. Party hats and tinted critters are for Wednesday (see below for a sneak peek!). Indoor, horizontal floor sledding was for today. In the end, we had a really sweet little day together.

Happy Easter!