23 April 2012

A grand return

Yesterday, Tony came home after a two-week business trip. I was a bit jittery about announcing it to the World Wide Webs before or while he was gone because I watch too much Criminal Minds and am sure I will be the victim of the first Dutch serial killer since the 1880s.

The last one was a bonnet-donning, dead-eyed, arsenic-slipping Leiden parricide; I'm not taking any chances. Dutch serial killers only come around once in couple lifetimes, but they don't mess around. (Confessions of a Cookbook Queen's Kristan has similar neuroses, if you wish for further comedy).

Since he had to be away for Julian's first birthday, I baked and frosted two little layers for a miniature version of the real deal, and re-created the party scene in a fine-art card, which included a teeny tiny bunting (I'm obsessed right now- look at these shoes!!) and a clipping of my hair, sacrificed during my daily trim.

Fine art. Right.
Spending two weeks apart is harder for the one away, I think; at this age, daily change is abound. In the last two weeks, Julian has gotten in a molar, started standing without support, learned how to wave, climbed an entire flight of stairs, and become so much more active and coordinated.

Reunion is so sweet. Welcome home, my dearest!!!