25 April 2012

Kit-tea cats + sailor pants

Hyvää huomenta! I flew in to Helsinki and was chauffeured to Tampere by a sleepy business man late last night, sort of got some sleep, and am now waiting for a tiny someone to awake from a nap so we can go explore the city. I've prepared posts for the next few days, so I focus on experiencing the world instead of talking about it. That I can do when I'm home.

I don't wear these pants enough. Or this top. I think the latter is because of the fact that when I wear it, I have the constant urge to make strangers come close to look at the enchanting print: cats having a tea party. And that situation could get pretty awkward, especially with a language barrier.

Happy Wednesday!


Cat Your Service Top + Paris Prance Pants | ModCloth
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