12 April 2012

Back from the dark side, in primary colors

In Monday's post, by outfit tomorrow, I clearly meant no post for two days while I dig deep into my bucket of neuroses. I was so low-key about the first birthday thing, up until two days before, when I started obsessing over decorations and having nightmares. 

Nightmares about lovingly-piped frosting melting off into a miserable puddle around the cake. About the door getting jammed the day of and not being able to let people in. I got up in the middle of the night to check both. Seriously. I was not expecting this, at all. My dark, anxious, momzilla alter-ego (who is so much organized and better at baking than I!) was at the wheel for a few days.

But, don't worry, I'm back. Hi.
This is one of my favorite everyday outfits; it's bright enough to go in a crayon box but adult enough to not get mistaken for a teen mom when I'm out with Julian, which has happened three times already.

 Yes, three complete strangers have walked up to me with varying opinions on my obvious unplanned pregnancy and single parenthood. Baahahahaha.

Outfit today, party post tomorrow. Scout's honor.


Girl Fox Tee, Either Orbit Skirt, A Fine Education Cardigan, Natural Wave Belt, Island Fever Earrings  | ModCloth
shoes | H&M