13 April 2012


The party was wild; it entailed 11 mommas, 12 teetering, scooting, crawling critters, and enough sugar to blow a Peep's airy little head right off. Julian woke up in an exceptionally good mood, there were no meltdowns to speak of, the rainy forecast decided to go bother someplace else, and the only casualty was a silly little jelly jar, which chose to hop off the table right after cake.

The main dishes, a polenta/warm mushroom salad and a quinoa-spinach bake, were ridiculously tasty distractions from the main events, a maple cream cheese-frosted carrot cake and a banana cream pie with ginger meringue. I'm sort of shocked at the quantity of dessert consumed, but there's nothing I love more than a feeding frenzy over something I've, well, slaved over.
The little crowns and decorations were hugely inspired by the lovely and ├╝ber-talented Katie Shelton of Skunkboy Creatures... I fell in love with her little girl's party immediately, so I grabbed a few elements and made it my own. Thank you, Katie! x

Julian scored some seriously cool loot; every gift was so thoughtful, and two of the older kids made him cards. Towards the end of the (almost five hour!) party, the littles were staggering and bleary-eyed like drunks at closing time. I received word later that most of them slept for hours when they got home.
Afterwards, I kept Julian up a bit past his bedtime so we could go for a quiet walk, come down from our sugar highs, and enjoy the late and gorgeous sunset. I reflected on what incredible friends I've met since moving here; Julian got the party of his (read=my) dreams not because of handmade decorations or a good recipe, but because we're surrounded by so much love. Thank you, ladies, for making Holland home.

Recipes for the aforementioned dishes tomorrow.