19 July 2012

Homesteading, Part II: Light

Photo credit: LaRaine Mireles

I love Colorado, in the way that the archetypal unfaithful guy in the movies loves the wife he left for the woman he now lives with. Europe has become my metaphorical mistress, but I still ache for this grand state- the wildness that perseveres despite developers' attempts to domesticate it, the permanence of the darkened mountains pressed against the horizon, the way the sky goes on and on. 

There are reasons to live within close proximity of other people, but sometimes one needs to look and look and look and not detect significant evidence of humanity, only hear wind rattling the dried seed pods of a yucca plant and an ermine's claws dancing across a downed sheet of tin roofing. 

If using those standards as a gauge of our success in Leyden, we triumphed. Big time.


p.s. If you missed the first, more darkly-hued installment of our exploration of these eerie ruins, take a gander.
Photo credit: LaRaine Mireles
Photo credit: LaRaine Mireles
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