20 July 2012

Homesteading, Part III: Nightfall

The final piece to the Leyden trifecta (click for installments I and II if you haven't already), this pre-dusk piece took us farther up the path into the ruins and right up to where night and day meet.
Although beautiful, the site is not somewhere I'd choose to be after dark; it is incredibly ghostly, and we were quick to hop back in the car after the light waned. I'm glad we had time for one last outfit, though; this dress is heavenly, in a clandestine superhero sort of way. A hugely contrasting hi-lo hem, delicately sheer fabric, and a deep neckline make for a frock that one falls in love with immediately but more thoroughly over time. 

Today, I bid farewell to winsome Colorado, a bit shocked at last night's movie theater shooting in Aurora just across the street from where I photographed a friend's perfect little baby, and grateful that everyone I know rose from bed this morning, safe and unharmed.

Au revoir, old girl. I'll be back, but now, the cold state needs some love.


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