05 September 2012

Den Haag Goes Handcrafted (Volume II), and Warfare against Disappointment

On Sunday, we meandered over a few blocks to the Home Made Market. I had solid intentions to do what I did last time: take photos, peruse the vendors' offerings at a leisurely pace, network a bit, and nosh on cakes. (Do you feel the impending however?)

About halfway through, Julian decided he'd had his fill of vintage, miniature horses, the burgeoning sun, and crowds. And melted down. Even a fresh croissant, our normal bribe currency, wasn't enough to distract him. I made one last stop to pick up a vintage dark green, chevron-emblazoned leather handbag I'd seen on the way in, only to find it already gone.

Side note:

Dear That Person, 

Please love that purse excessively, and take care of it. I wanted it so, so badly.


And then, then I got home and realized I hadn't even taken my lens cap off. Once. I felt lazy, too easily overwhelmed, and like I'd failed my one big goal for the autumn- capture my favorite event in images.

With a growing (and inappropriately disproportionate) feeling of despair over my dashed plans, I poutingly packed up my microwave cobbler, scowled once more at my defunct oven, and made off for a barbecue with company that considerably brightened my day, and mood. Plus, Tony got to kick back and socialize with the other misters a bit, which always makes me feel less guilty for eating cakes and playing with babies and gossiping every day and getting to call it work.

Now that I'm several days away from The Big Disappointment, I can see past All That Is Terrible. We picked up some really fantastic new-old things, and I had (read=shoveled in) the best appeltaart I've tasted in Holland. The event, which is a relatively new thing for Den Haag, is blossoming; we immediately noticed more vintage finds and a busier scene than last time. Next time, I'm stringing my camera around my neck. And getting a sitter.

Perspective is a funny thing. Happy Be Late for Something Day!

mid-century clock

p.s. Mamas and papas, hop on over the Anne with an 'e' for a terrific giveaway!!