20 September 2012

Bright Choices

Last week, I picked up a giant cardboard box, i.e. a toddler apartment, at another Den Haag mama's house; soon into our chat she revealed that she'd begun to dye her sofa cushions but hit a wall of indecision after tinging the rear cushions a cheery pink. I offered a couple suggestions but felt equally indeterminate. Sitting at home later and feeling grateful for the gifted box, I made her an offer: I'd digitally try out some different color options so she'd have an easier time deciding. 

I'm always seeking practical reasons to master new skills, so the benefit was mutual. This time, I used an online tutorial on Photoshop Elements' displacement map and filter. Endless fun! With Dylon being her product line of choice, I grabbed the colors she was considering directly from their website and grafted them onto that stress-inducingly pallid cushion. 

Which one do you love best? Hate most?