01 September 2012

An Antiquated Mosey, Hello, and Farewell

Last Saturday our friends arrived as house guests at our home, on the tail end of their 111-day, 15,000-mile (or 24,000-km) road trip in an RV that took them through two engines and 33 countries. They came back with some hilarious stories, found themselves in more than a couple predicaments (thankfully, all solve-able), and were understandably excited to get back to their kitties and to normalcy.

The next day, we all went to an antique market in Den Haag, where I picked up a gorgeous little pin of courting sweethearts, Julian had some poffertjes, and Tony eyed up some pretty, wind-up record players.

On Thursday morning we sent our merry travelers on their way back to Colorado; a concurrent au revoir and welcome home to them!