24 September 2012

Brighter Choices

Last Thursday, I shared with you a friend's decorating (or, rather, dyeing) conundrum. After some thought, she was liking the Pebble Beige and the Terracotta Brown best (which were also the two favorites picked out by YOU on various social platforms) but was curious as to how the sofa would look with the rest of the original cream (on the base and arms) nixed.

Now that I've rejoined the living after a 12-hour stomach bug from hell, I ask: Thoughts? Keep the cream? Lose it? And if you haven't responded yet, help her out with a color pick- which is your favorite?

Many thanks and happy dyeing, and please, please do not confuse with the its twin verb; I'd rather you stuck around for a while.


virtual dyeing, round een: 

virtual dyeing, round twee: