15 August 2012

Travel through Time, and Across State Lines

I got a little behind on photo organization and a little (read=LOT) excited about our current locale, but here is a peek at the final days of our travel to the states. Colorado chose these days to get moody in the sky, which made for gorgeous sunsets and a persistently sigh-able skyline.

One of the things I love most about Wisconsin is the dairy farm that resides in my mister's family; dairy cows are among the sweetest animals on the planet, and we're always greeted with infinite warmth. When I disappear for a while, everyone knows where to find me: sweet-talking the babies.

By the time we arrived in Florida to spend some sunshiny time with another sect of the family, I barely had enough energy to lie by the pool. But on the last day the kids really hammed it up, which amply motivated me to pick up my camera.

Recap: mountains, cows, babies in the sun.

Jess out. Lugano's waiting.