25 August 2012

Supply and Demand

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a new bike saddle and cork grips. Well, and a warm bed, several shades of lipstick, the world's darlingest baby, a kind husband, a suitable camera, a book to read, incredible friends with contagiously distinctive laughs, and a working oven. And a weekend ahead of her. If that's all, then I've got it. 

I have nothing particularly useful for you today; I just wanted to pop in with a heartfelt thank you for supporting this hunger that has become a blog that is evolving into my happy place. A very merry Saturday to you, happy people. Go hug someone. Or cycle around for a bit if hugging's not your thing. Or, if you're really felling grouchy, hibernate until you're suitable for civilization again. Whatever you need, go for it.

leather bike saddle