18 August 2012

A Great Leap in Ticino, Recovery in San Bernardino

Although I had high hopes of a little Swiss village overrun with its namesake furry gentle giant, our quick stopover for lunch in San Bernardino didn't disappoint.

With a view of ambling hikers, walking sticks planted and eyes pointed skyward, dogs frolicking on the side of a steep green hillside, and picturesque slate-roofed architecture, we took our time eating. The village's quaintness and quietude was especially welcome after the shock of watching my mister go all GoldenEye and leap off the lip of a 380-meter dam an hour earlier, while I gripped the railing hard with one hand and filmed with the quavering other. It was all I could do not to let an anxious profanity train come barreling out of my mouth, for all the (juvenile) spectators to hear.

FTW, and bungy jumping. Happy weekend, reasonable people!