22 October 2013

Darling and Dear Always Wins

In an attempt to not pass along my marrow-deep fear of spiders to Julian (totally legitimate), I have been overcompensating by smiling maniacally at the horrible demons hanging between shrubs on our walks, singing songs about them at lunch time, encouraging him to point his Fisher Price camera at them, and drawing pictures of them donning various accessories on the chalkboard. Now he's half terrified, half obsessed, and I'm not sure I've taken the right approach; he's either going to end up with a full-fledged phobia, or a career in arachnology. Yes, that's a real thing. All this time devoted to thinking about a class of invertebrates I've spent my life avoiding has been making me feel jumpy in bed, and any time I feel a hair tickle my neck.

Everyone knows that the antidote to icky is baby animals (let me clarify: from Classes Mammalia or Aves only), so imagine my delight when Christine, who funnily enough has a gigantic wooden spider affixed to her ceiling, guided us to her neighborhood park with a resident menagerie of the two- and four-legged sort.

Bring on the cute and leave the rest at home, a.u.b.

dear deer
den bosch
dear deer
feeding time