07 January 2014

Three Conversations I'm Not Having Again

The super duper thing about having a blog is that I can refer people here when something comes up that I’ve already addressed. Usually the inquiry or comment is benign, about food. But sometimes it’s not, and patience for repetition I have not. Believe me, me sending you a link instead of giving you a personalized response, in these cases, is better for everyone involved.

1. The question: The thinly veiled string of inquiry that’s really asking, “What could Amsterdam possibly provide you that Americuh can’t?” It invariably comes up at family gatherings and leads to me getting all defensive and flustered in response to an unfortunate recipe of closed ears, open mouth, and condescending smirks.

My answer: A lot of things, but that’s not the point. No one makes you defend why you live where you do, and as long as we’re all happy, alles is goed, right? Now if you’re truly asking what I love about living in Holland, that’s an entirely different discussion and one that I’d be thrilled to have, and have already publicly had.

Bolt over to BLUNTmoms to read the rest. NOW. So you have your answers and never ask me again.