03 January 2014

Greetings from the Icebox

aesthetic fauna // milwaukee by day
The mister and I gave ourselves the best present: a little more than 24 hours away (from our darling but thoroughly exhausting children). Destination: Milwaukee, nearest city to both our childhoods. A night in the Iron Horse Hotel and two half-days spent strolling and eating and talking, or not talking. The best pastrami in town. A quiet breakfast. A movie in bed. A textile-lust party at the new Pendleton flagship store. Hat perusing. Everything by choice, everything done at a speed of our choosing.

Both photos were taken from our hotel room window overlooking the downtown that was so intimidating to me in earlier days but now seems quaint, familiar. 

MKE facts, fun or otherwise:

1. The typewriter was invented here in 1867 by Christopher Latham Sholes.
2. The Milwaukee Public Museum is home to the world's largest dinosaur skull.
4. You can see a giant Elvis Presley statue made entirely of jellybeans on the Jelly Belly factory tour.

Take care of yourself, people of the world. Let us appreciate the places we come from, places we've lived; they shape us.

aesthetic fauna // milwaukee by night