06 November 2013

Thing Love: Rob Brandt's Crumple Cup

aesthetic fauna // rob brandt crumple cup
We had to start from the beginning, in terms of stuff, when we transitioned from Den Haag to Amsterdam in June and, thus, from furnished to unfurnished. Tableware, towels, a vacuum cleaner. Some of it isn't worth making interesting (i.e. vacuum), while some of the other things totally are. Conveniently, the Dutch are known for their design; here, quirky products prevail.

In my quest to thoughtfully set our table, I remembered a display of drinking cups I ogled longingly when we first moved here. There was a two-month lapse in between finding a babysitter and making friends, so I'd ditch the kid and spend hours making eyes at expensive kitchen gadgets at a shop in town.

Dutch designer Rob Brandt has reimagined the disposable plastic cup in white ceramic; they are minimalist in design, always elicit a response from our table-sharers, and fit in the hand perfectly. We use ours (XL size) mostly as normal drinking glasses, but they're also cool holding onto hot liquids as well. And now with their availability in glass, I remind you of Christmas' proximity to today and can get you my address if you've misplaced it.

aesthetic fauna // rob brandt crumple cup