03 November 2013

Herfst Quickies, and a First Place-ish Kind of Day

My Sunday included some pretty terrific things, which were welcome guests after a gray and taxing week.

1. Beginning: I slept until 9.00 while baby daddy folded the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and wrangled the kids.

2. Middle: I was totally tickled and honored to win first place in the Expatica I Am Not a Tourist blog competition, the spoils of which included meeting some fine new peeps and a free spot in one of the Amsterdam Writing Workshops.

3. End of the Middle: I (nearly) finished a meal on a cafe terrace, in between hail storms, while both kids snoozed in the buggy. At the same time. This kind of thing just doesn't happen very often. Much obliged, little people.

4. End: Right before carrying big bunny to bed, the two of us crafted chestnut critters together. Well, kind of. He sorted googly eyes and dictated where the glue and feathers went. Photos to come; in the meantime you can visit our goofy darlings from last year here.

5. End of the End: A newly de-bearded mustached guy brought me a late dinner in bed.

Thank you, day.

Here are some moments of note from the last couple weeks... train travel, a busy boy, pigeons, boeken, an airplane, lots and lots (and lots and lots) of flora, a shift from red to orange, and urban foraging. The kind of stuff I don't want to forget.