07 November 2012

Overdue Sunday Snippets

I give much credit to any blogger who produces consistent, quality, proofread material, but I cast a fair bit of doubt as to said blogger's humanness if she's pregnant and/or with a new baby. Seriously. You who fall into this category are humanoid cylons, right? Totes sorry for outing you.

I'm attempting to crawl back into the blogging living this week; I have material stacked up to my eyes but haven't had the energy to do much past the kid's bedtime, which is prime clickety clack time on the keyboard. This admission isn't to be taken for a complaint; life is abundant right now, just not my online version of it. 

Drie cheers to forward movement.

Boston Terrier
oatmeal shortbread
Cheddar Chive Scones
Dutch weather vane